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You're Never Too Old To Start!


Welcome to the adults section. Here at WISC we want to encourage all types of skaters in many types of skating disciplines. You may be returning to skating from a child hood past or looking to start and take on a new hobby. Just be careful as you will fall in love with it as so many adults have done.


Adult skating is stronger now than it has ever been in the UK. Most people think skating stops for them once they reach 21 or they have nothing left to compete for. This could not be further from the truth. Below are some examples of the things you can achieve or do as an adult in the skating world.


Tea and Dance is a perfect opportunity to learn new dances with a qualified coach and enjoy the social side to skating over tea and cakes.

Christmas Shows

Adults play a key role in our Christmas shows. They work hand in with the younger skaters to produce fantastic shows.

Bled 2017

The Adults compete in many different competitions, even internationally. Here they where part of a 59 strong British Team competing in Lake Bled, Slovenia

Bled 2017

The Widnes Adults in Bled part of the 59 Strong British Team


Enter dance competitions all over the UK. The RIDL (Recreational Ice Dance League) allows you to attend dance socials and compete in a friendly atmosphere. The north beat the south in this years National finals.

Column & Kirsty

Column started skating nearly 5 years ago. Column wanted to play hockey but he also turned his hands to pairs. He now does lifts and jumps with his partner kirsty.

Troyes 2016

There are no limits to what you can achieve. Our adults competed internationally last year in France. As you can see they did very well.

Adult synchro

The Adults have set up syncro teams that have entertained the hockey fans during the mid breaks.

Column spin
Adult Show Team

The adults compete in the show teams. They use their skills and talents from all disciplines of skating to produce some enjoyable routines with tricks that surprise the audiences.

Ken & Rena

Ken and Rena found the skating bug in 2016. Both are taking on the challenge of the ice as if they where teenagers. One of the oldest skaters, now Ken or Rena will be competing in France at the age of 73.


Adult skaters unfortunately can't do this full time. They have to divide their time between work, home life and rink life. Most of our skaters train on patch starting at 6am. You have to get up early if you want to win Golds.


Adults go to the British Adult Championships every year. Its the pinnacle of the adult ice skating calendar. Widnes have done very well for the past 3 years with skaters taking away Gold in different classes.

Troyes 2

The Team have done multiple internationals this year. This was in France, Troyes.


Jodie has been skating since she was a teenager, but she will be entering the adult community next year. Jodie knows she doesn't have to stop skating as she can continue in the adult categories, which caters for all levels of skaters.


Every Christmas the group likes to arrange a Christmas Social. Could you be at the next one?

hot ice

Adults work hard and play hard. We have a good social calandar through out the year. One of these trips is to see Hot Ice in Blackpool.

Come and join us! 


There is no time like the present. 

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