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Re-arranged Charity Gala Saturday 3rd February 2024
Charity Gala 2023 New Date Poster 3rd Feb 24.jpg

We thank our members who voted in our ballot for the choice of charity we had a lot of votes and we now know the winning charity is the Royal School for the Blind in Wavertree.

Everyone is welcome to enter and this event is all about showing-off your skating skills, raising money for a good cause and having fun - it  really doesn't matter if you've been skating for 3 weeks or 30 years!  

You can enter as  a solo skater, in a pair or in a group - the only requirement is that you are  either a member of WISC or a member of British Ice Skating (BIS) this is to ensure we comply with insurance and BIS Permit regulations for a Charity Gala. 

If you have been taking part in Skate UK or Skate Excellence classes you can show-off what you have learnt this year. If you have a favourite routine from any of the skating disciplines why not skate it?  If you are a dancer you can skate a free dance or a pattern dance and if you are a member of a Group Show Team why not show us your latest routine? So whatever level you skate at there is always something you can do - and everyone who takes part gets a medal and there's not a judge in sight!


If you are a member of the club you do not need to fill in a (Retained) Eligibility participation in sanctioned activities. If you are not a member of the club but you are a member of BIS this form MUST be filled in and returned to British Ice Skating by email. Please CC us into the email using so we can track who has sent forms in.


£20 per couple
£10 per person

Any technical issues with the form please email

Please follow the form for payment methods or visit our how to pay WISC page

You will get an email confirming your entry

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