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Important documentation for the AGM can be found in the documentation section in the folder AGM 2022

Dear Members,

The Widnes Ice Skating Club will be holding the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 23rd April 2022 at 6:15pm. The meeting will take place at The Kingsway Function Room, Widnes, WA8 7QH.  The meeting will be commencing at 6:15pm prompt. To help with the registration process, please arrive 10 minutes early. Refreshments may be purchased upon arrival from the bar. There is a free car park for use at this venue.

The meeting is only open to those who are registered club members. You are welcome to bring your children to the meeting, but please ensure they do not inhibit proceedings on the night. If your child is the registered member, both parents are welcome to attend the meeting, but please see the section below for the voting procedures.

We want to encourage as many of you to attend as possible to see what’s been going on in the background over the past year and where we want to take the club going forward in 2022/23. In order to vote at the Annual General Meeting you must have joined or renewed your membership before the start of the AGM meeting. 

We have positions on the committee that are vacant and we are looking to recruit members to fill these roles. We also have a number of committee members who are coming to the end of their term in office, who may choose to stand for re-election or look to stand down from the committee.  We would like to fill as many roles on the committee as we can, subject to the voting at the AGM.  

The positions that are currently vacant:

  • Social Media Delegate 

  • Social Events Secretary 

  • Committee Supporters 

The positions that will be up for New Elections, Re-Elections or Ratifications are:

  • Chairman

  • Vice Chair

  • Membership Secretary Delegate 

  • Club Welfare (Lead) Delegate

  • Club Welfare (Support) Delegate 

  • Competition 1 Delegate 

  • Competition 2 Delegate

  • Social Media Delegate

  • Social Events Secretary 

  • Committee Supporters: Those wishing to join committee, but will not have a specific role, but are willing to support others in their roles and take on new upcoming roles.


If you feel you could contribute to the committee and the running of the club with regards to these roles, please fill in the election form duly proposed and seconded. Then submit with the club secretary at , no later than 2 weeks before the AGM. Your name will be put forward at the AGM with your application of intent. It will then be voted on by the members present. You must be over the age of 18 and a full member to vote. A parent of a full junior member can apply for these roles. 

The procedures and voting rules are taken from the current club constitution which is available on the club website. 

Points to note are as follows.

Full Members wishing to include a proposal under the heading 'Any other Business' should send details of their proposal, at least two weeks prior to the AGM, to the Club Secretary (this can be sent to

  • Voting at the Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings can only be undertaken by Members. (Junior Members do not hold a vote, but the parent or guardian of that skater do.1 vote per skater and 1 vote per family.)

  • Clarification of voting: If the family has a Junior Skating Member, the parent or guardian is entitled to one vote. If the family has 2 Junior Skating Members, the parent or guardian is entitled to one vote. If an additional parent or guardian is an Associate Member or a Full Member and they have paid for membership then they are entitled to vote. 

  • Voting at the AGM shall be by a show of hands. To pass a proposed motion votes should total at least 51% of those present who are eligible to vote.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 23rd April 2022


Si Wareing 
(Chairman WISC)

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