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Welcome to our WISC Membership page. On this page you will be able to see an overview of what our membership offers you as a skater and the types of memberships we offer as a club. Everyone is welcome to join- even if you don't skate, our different membership bands cover it all. 

Registering for membership can all be done with our online form, making it fast, easy and paper free!! No emailing forms off, no posting, no finding a committee member.To register fill in the form online and pay via BACs transfer.


If you do have any questions about membership, please don't hesitate to contact us at 

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to come and join us as a member of WISC.

Widnes Ice Skating Club
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Welcome to WISC
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From 1st February 2023
to 31st January 2024





Once registered, you will receive an automated response to confirm your membership. Please check your junk or spam folders as this may not go direct to your inbox.

Methods of Payment

Electronically by BACS:                          
Account Name: Widnes Ice Skating Club  Account number: 45693757  
Sort code: 60-13-20 

(Natwest Widnes Branch)   

Payment Reference is Skaters Name and membership. e.g. JOHN SMITH MEMBERSHIP

If paying electronically

In person at the rink:                                

Please hand directly to Ken Jennions or Rachel Contini

(See our Committee members page)  
(payment may be made by cash or cheque)

By post to:                                              

(WISC Competition)

57 Forfar Road 
Tuebrook, Liverpool. L13 8DX

(postal payments by cheque only please, no cash)

Cheques should be made payable to:

Widnes Ice Skating Club

So why join WISC?


First off, the club is here to support all the skaters of Widnes with our 3 key principals which are to promote: Achievement, Progression and Fun. As you will see from the about us section on our website.


We aim to do this by what we offer as a club.Throughout the year we put on events and competitions for skaters coached at the rink to attend and participate in. The competitions run from Skate Excellence / Learn to Skate, right into the more advanced NISA Levels. These competitions offer skaters a chance to perform in their own rink, in front a crowd, but with a very supportive atmosphere that the club strives to promote. The skaters not only get a chance to show case their skills, but see other skaters perform and see where their journey may take them next. Normally, this is where all skaters start off before competing at other club competitions and then on to national competitions. A process which the club can help guide you on, supporting you alongside the coaches.

Membership poster 2020.png

We realise at competitions it’s hard to capture all the moments as your so busy watching, so we try to capture them for you using a professional photographer. We do at times find it hard to get someone available, but most of our competitions last year had someone taking photographs for us.

 As a club we are working hard at the moment to develop the social aspects which is why we run numerous events throughout the year. The aim is to develop friendships with other skaters that the skaters may not be able to do when training on the ice. We run events like: Bowling, Easter bingo, Quiz nights, Trips to go see professional ice skating shows (such as Hot Ice), Fun sessions on Ice and skate workshops.  We are always looking to add to the list of social events we run which can be tracked through our Widnes Ice Skating Club Facebook page or on our club website under the calendar section. 


We work with all the coaches on a monthly basis in choosing a skater of the month that receives the coveted trophy. The skater gets to keep the trophy for the month and they go into the club’s hall of fame, on the notice board and on the club website, under the achievements section. The coaches identify a skater based on the criteria we have on our website.


As a club we aim to keep all of our skaters updated with news from the skating world as well as share achievements. We have dedicated social media that helps us do this through Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and online at


When joining the club, you don’t just become part of a skating team, you become part of a family. Our rink has been given the highest praise from other clubs, parents and rink officials on just how friendly and welcoming the club is. You will always be able to spot our members as they have access to our branded merchandise that is really distinctive and easily identifiable at events we attend or when walking through the rinks doors.

The club is fully affiliated to B.I.S. (British Ice Skating, formally known as NISA), which is our governing body for the sport. As part of this affiliation the club has insurance to run club events and competitions giving our members piece of mind (all documents concerning this can be found on our club website, under the documents section). This is great for skaters first starting out as it means if you become a member of the club and  you are coached at widnes, you are able to partake in WISC run competitions without having to be a member of British Ice Skating (B.I.S.) formally known as N.I.S.A, which can cost in the region of £65 for the year. When you do become a more advanced skater this is required to compete at national club competitions, B.I.S run competitions and to be able to take the skating levelled tests.


As a club we are also here to make sure our skaters feel safe. We have dedicated club welfare officers who look out for all of our skaters and they can be approached about any issues they are facing at the rink. The club welfare officer either sorts issues out at local level or calls on assistance from the National Safeguarding Officer at the B.I.S. head office. All policies can be found on our club website under the documents section regarding this or in our WISC Handbook. We do advise everyone reads this document before signing up for membership as it sets out what you can expect from us as a club and what we expect from you as a skater or a parent /Guardian / Carer.

Membership Starts

1st February

Membership Term

Club Membership runs from the 1st February - 31st January 

All information in the Membership form must be filled in, in order to comply with the regulations and governance set down by the sports governing body B.I.S

Full & Junior Membership

Full (or Senior) Membership: All ages over but not less than 18 years of age

Junior Membership: All ages up to the age of 18. 


As a club we are conscious skating is not cheap. We appreciate more than one family member may skate, but we don’t want this to exclude you from the family of WISC; which is why in 2018 WISC started offering a family membership. (For 3 or more full members in one family) 

Social Membership

Social Membership is for those who wish to support and help run the club, but who may not be skaters. This membership lets you be part of the skating family, attending social events by WISC, with out having to be a skater.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership  is for any one who regularly support the Club by assisting Members during Club Ice and encouraging new membership. e.g. Coaches, dance instructors, fitness instructors etc

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership: The Committee of the WISC may recommend an Honorary Life Membership to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the success of the club. The proposal must be ratified by Members at an AGM.

To request more information:

Contact the Membership Secretary

who will answer any questions directly regarding membership and merchandise.

For any other enquiries please email

Membership Enquiries

(If you are unable to complete the online membership form, or require any additional information, message us here and a member of the team will only be too happy to help) 

Success! Message received.

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