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Mixed Competition Saturday 30th September 2023
Poster Picture Mixed Comp 30th September 2023.JPG

Online Entry Form 

Fill in the online entry form by clicking on one of the buttons below. You will have to do the payments separately and also send your music off separately to

Once complete you will receive a registration confirmation. You can change and amend your form right up until the closing date of the competition.  

Payments must be made before the closing date or your entry will be nullified. 

Information for Pattern Dancers before filling in the Dance Entry Form: 


The dances required are as follows:

Solo Dancers: Pre-Beginner:  Dutch Waltz, Beginner: Golden Skaters Waltz, Intermediate: Foxtrot, Senior: Starlight Waltz.

Couples: Pre-Bronze: Golden Skaters Waltz, Bronze: Riverside Rumba, Silver: American Waltz

Competition Entry Prices: 

Skate Excellence & Skate UK or Any Passport Category -  £10 per entry 

Any Pattern Dance - £15 per entry

Any Free program under 2 minutes - £20 per entry

Any Free program over 2 minutes - £25 per entry

Skate UK / Excellence, Passport and Free Skating Enter Here
Dance Entries Enter Here

Here at W.I.S.C. we like to follow the national guidance for competitions set out by B.I.S.
We do this to help all of our skaters to become ready for their national competitions. As a club we want to facilitate the progression of all our skaters. To help them reach their full potential we use national criteria and this is part of how we help their conditioning at club level.

Sometimes B.I.S does not have national guidance ready for our club competitions,  so we look to the ISU communications for reference on what B.I.S will be basing their criteria on for the skating season. We try as best we can to match the criteria and what is expected of our skaters.

Please do not look at our documents and use this as word for word criteria for national standards. If you wish to see the origional source documentation from which we have taken criteria, please refer to the British Ice Skating website or check out our documents section of the website where we have placed the reference material. This will have been downloaded from the British Ice Skating Site at the start of each season. Please note, we try to keep this up to date as best we can, but we always advise to check the source documentation on British Ice Skatings Website.

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