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Hot Ice 

Come and join us as we travel to Blackpool to go and see the world famous Hot Ice show. A star-studded cast of international ice skating champions from around the world.

This years’ new production ‘Euphoria’ is a spectacular fast-moving live performance which promises to keep you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Hot Ice is a dream that is brought to life by the stunning lighting that reflects the mood and magnificence of each scene. The young and dynamic skaters gracefully slide and glide into a world of creative paradise with intricate choreography performed to beautifully written music conceived and inspired by the greatest soundtracks to our lives.


The show is choreographed by Oula Jaaskelainen an Olympic athlete, who creates excitement by encouraging the performers to skate at high speeds with intricate footwork and spine-tingling jumps. The assistant choreographer is Lynsey Brown and she and Oula work together to inspire the skaters with their unique styles.

This show is suitable for all ages and a must see for fans of live entertainment. 

Hotice 2022.png

Important Information regarding the Hot Ice trip 2021
(Click on the PDF file.)



Electronically by Bank Transfer


Account Name: Widnes Ice Skating

Club Account number: 45693757

Sort code: 60-13-20

(Natwest Widnes Branch)


Payment Reference is the Main Bookers Name


e.g. John Smith HOTICE

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