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Some word files will not display correctly in mobile phone and Ipad browsers. We advised you access documents on a mac or a PC. Word Documents are ideal to edit digitally and send back to us via email. If you are printing to write on we advise PDF format.

WISC Constitution 
WISC round logo.png

Club Constitution

WISC Affiliation & Insurance Documents
British Ice Skating Affiliated logo.png

Affiliation Certificate (found on page 3)


Insurance Documents

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NB: N.I.S.A. (National Ice Skating Association) has been re-branded to B.I.S. (British Ice Skating), but all documentation issued with N.I.S.A. on is still a binding legal document. B.I.S. plan to phase out the NISA logo over 2019.

WISC Handbook & Policies

W.I.S.C. Handbook (All about club and policies)

Photography & Film Policy

Confidentiality & Sharing Policy

Club Complaints and Disciplinary Policy

Adult Privacy Document

Junior Privacy Document

BIS Safeguarding Policies 

Safeguarding Agreement for Affiliated Clubs

Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Policy 

Safeguarding Children with a Disability Policy

Equality Policy

Please note:

We will always endeavour to keep all BIS policies up to date to. However, please click on the button below to take you to the BIS Governing body website where all documents are sourced.

WISC Safeguarding Policies

WISC Safeguarding Policy

WISC Safeguarding Procedures

BIS Code of Conduct, Children, Adults and Coaches Policies adopted by WISC

Anti-Bullying Policy

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