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Team WISC Sailing to success in Lake Bled, Slovenia

This year Widnes saw a team of adult ice skaters take to Lake Bled in Slovenia to compete in the second Swan Challenge. The team from WISC joined a 57 strong GB Team that had a very successful run in a range of categories competing with a range of skaters from over 19 countries in Europe. Once again they where faithfully supported by Rena and Ken, who bring a calming reassurance and give all the skaters confidence as they take to the ice. The team achieved some amazing results.

Gold medal: bronze solo pattern dance Si

Gold medal: Pre bronze couples pattern dance Michele C / Si Silver medal : bronze pattern dance Lorraine / Michael Silver medal overall & 1st in age category II: pre bronze solo pattern dance Rachel Contini 4th overall & 1st in age category III: pre bronze solo pattern dance Michele Cook 4th & PB: Solo free dance ladies Rachel Contini 4th: Solo free dance bronze Sue Miller 4th: Pre bronze solo ladies free Sue Miller

Silver Medal: Bronze Free Dance Hillary

The team even caught the attention of NISA who produced this article / write up on the successful event.

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