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Widnes Dance To Dominate Podium Success

Bracknell, a very much missed competition, returned to the stage of competitions with it's week of opens. The Adults kicked the week off on the Monday and took the podium places by storm. Some Skating their very first competition and some old hands returning to defend tittles.

Pre-bronze Pattern Dance - Rachel Contini - 2nd Place - Silver

Pre-Bronze Pattern Dance - Jess Bolger - 2nd Place - SIlver

Pre-Bronze Free Dance - Jess Bolger - 2nd Place - Silver

Pre Bronze Free Dance - Karen Rimmer - 2nd Place - SIlver

Pre-Bronze Free Dance - Rachel Contini - 3rd Place - BronzeBronze

Pattern Dance - Simon Wareing - 1st Place - Gold

Bronze Pattern Dance - Lara Rimmer - 2nd Place - Silver

Bronze Free Dance - Lara Rimmer - 1st Place - Gold

Bronze Free Dance - Simon Wareing - 2nd Place - SIlver

The Success then continued in the Children's Opens

Young Star Level 1 Pattern Dance - Caitlyn Baxby - 1st Place - Gold

Young Star Level 1 Free Dance - Caitlyn Baxby - 1st Place - Gold

Level 8 Free Dance - Saule Luneviciute - 2nd Place - Silver

Level 8 Free Dance - Isabelle Lord - 3rd Place - Bronze

Level 8 Short Dance - Isabelle Lord - 2nd Place - Silver.

All of the above skaters are coached by Amanda Galloway and I don't think she could have been a happier coach with all of her pupils making podium places.

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