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British Adult Nationals

One of the highlights to the Adult skating calendar is the British Adult Nationals. A chance for adults all around the UK to come together and compete with the best of British.

The adult catagories are arranged into the following catagories and then into 3 age catagories.

Pre Bronze





The weekend commences with the pattern dances. First up from our membership to skate in the Pre Bronze catagories was Hilary and Karen. Both skating to the Dutch waltz and Canasta Tango. Hilary made 4th overall and Karen made 9th overall in a very strong field of skaters. In the aged catagories Hilary podiumed and walked away with the Bronze 🥉medal.

Next up to skate was Ian Champion in the pre Bronze mens catagory. Skating the same pattern dances as the ladies Pre Bronze Ian podiumed in 2nd place overall. As you can see Ian was made up with his medal haulage. But we will tell you about his other medal further down.

After completing the pattern dances, members took to the ice to perform free dances. 1 minute 30seconds programs may not sound a lot in terms of time, but when you are out on that ice it can feel like a life time where things can go amazingly well or it's the hardest 1:30 of your life.

Performing in the solo pre bronze free dance we had Hilary and Karen. Hilary placing in 4th and Karen in 5th overall.

This season a new partnership was formed in the pattern dances with Ian and Hilary. 4 weeks prior to the Adult Nationals to be fair. Skating to the Dutch Waltz and the Canasta Tango Ian and Hillary placed 3rd in their respective age catagory and 5th overall. No wonder Ian looked so happy above.

Sadly we don't have many pictures of the presentations as often being an adult you have places to dash off to after competitions. But we wanted to say a massive well done to all our members who participated in what possibly was one of their first competitions back. Well done everyone!


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