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Charity Gala Forms are now Open

Dear Skaters,

We are pleased to announce that the forms for our WISC Charity Gala are now open. Each year we normally ask our members to nominate a charity and ask our members to vote on who they would like to support. This year we have made a committee decision to break from protocol and select a charity that was close to Paul O'Preys heart. Paul our Widnes rink manager, colleague and friend who sadly passed away this year and so we wanted to run the Charity Gala in memory of Paul. Paul loved all of our skaters at the rink and he had so much time for everyone. He loved coming to the Gala's to watch the skaters perform their favourite routines. Once we have had permission and a letter of authority back off the charity, we will announce the Charity and update our posters accordingly.

If you wish to enter the charity gala please follow this link (click here)


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