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Day 2 of the Blackpool Skating Festival

First up to skate, skating in her first level 1 national competition was Imogen, better known to us as Immy. She got every element called and now has a new personal best score, not bad considering this is her first national competition in over 3 years.

Next up to skate was Emily skating in the girls aged 12 and under. This is Emily's first time skating at level two scoring 20.14 allowing her to sit comfortably in mid table where the points where very close.

Skating in the girls level 2 age 13 and over we had two competitors Anna and Faye. Anna had a promising skate getting both of her axels called In her first level 2 competition gaining a new pb and finished 14th out of 21.

Last to skate was Faye who really made her mark on the competition. Getting all her elements called, skating beautifully she secured second place on the Podium. Scoring 22.24 she was only 7.2 off the Gold and that 1st place podium spot.

Blackpool is such a popular competition and we see so many WISC skaters enter it, but it certainly has been wonderful to hear all of your news and success stories. Success isn't just gaining podium places, its growing as a skater, landing new jumps under pressure, skating at higher levels and striving to progress in your own personal skating journey.

Well done Everyone!! #Teamwidnes


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