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Day 3, of the Blackpool Skating Festival 2022

Day 3 saw the last of the free skating categories with Caitlyn representing Widnes in the ISU Basic Novice Ladies Age12 and under. Day 3 was Caitlyn's first national skating competition since the pandemic and a very busy schedule for her, as she had entered the free, the dance and the exhibition competitions. Caitlyn has been desperate to get back competing and has been working so hard towards the event over the last month. (Any one at public sessions or the Friday night disco might have seen!). She finally finished her programme in her lesson the day before with her new singles coach Hayley Pardo. Caitlyn skated beautifully, all elements counted, she landed two axels and most importantly enjoyed it. At Blackpool, free skating is Caitlyn's warm up - the big ones for her are the solo dance and exhibition! This year her exhibition is a Michael Jackson medally, choreographed by Caitlyn, costume by Caitlyn and music even cut by Caitlyn! She does love exhibition.


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