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Day 4 of the Blackpool Skating Festival 2022

Day 4 of the Skating Festival is always sad as we know the Festival is coming to an end, but it also signals that the fun filled routines, packed with creative content are not that far away.

Leading the day was Caitlyn with her free dance routine in the ISU Basic Novice age 12 and under. Her first time competing back at a national competition since the covid pandemic, and she didn't fail to dazzle the judges with her routine taking the 1st place podium spot.

Leading the way in the Exhibition free dance competition was Penelope, skating in the Exhibition Girls & Boys age 10 & under. If you have ever seen Penelope on ice she is such a natural performer. Penelope has continued to work hard and as a result it has seen her work her way up the leaderboards to gain a new PB with a fantastic score of 14.7 well done to you and your coach Catherine Harvey.

Also skating in this competition we had the two sisters Roisin and Sioban both skating at their first ever National Competition both performing exhibition routines choreographed by their coach Laura Hill. The sisters are so supportive of each other and it's great to see good scores that they can build on in the future.

Finally skating in the Maureen Heart Exhibition Trophy Girls we had Caitlyn skating to a medley of Micheal Jackson that she cut herself. She designed the costume and choreographed her own routine too!! Supported by her good friend Jess, Caitlyn performed an enjoyable routine for all her friends, family and fellow skaters to enjoy.

Well done Everyone!! For the enjoyable routines you have shared, achievements you have made and for the wonderful news you have shared with us. We would like to wish you luck as the rest of this season unfolds.


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