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Day 5 Blackpool

It's always sad when we reach day 5 of the Blackpool Skating Festival as it means we are down to the last of the routines competing for the coveted John McCarrick Show Teams Trophy.

Widnes always try to field a few teams, but this year just one team was flying the flag for us. It was the fabulous tea and dance group. The group mainly skates with coach Amanda Galloway every Wednesday Morning on the public sessions. The group consists of skaters from 20 right through to the oldest member who is in his 80's. Each year the routines from all skaters become more creative, but this year Widnes certainly didn't fail with ingenuity. Calling themselves Marvel-ous, playing on words the team portaited themselves as super hero characters from the Marvel comics. Just for costumes alone they would have won for me. The team is always up for a laugh and always produces an entertaining performance. Let's hope next year the judges aren't so mean with the scores.


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