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Hilarys run of success

Skating in the Pre Bronze age catagory 3 she danced her way to the Bronze medal performing the Dutch Waltz and the Canasta Tango.

As a new couple formed on ice with Ian 4 weeks prior to the nationals Hilary and Ian skated their way to a bronze medal in the Pre Bronze catagory 3 performing the Dutch Waltz and the Canasta Tango. An incredible achievement with the partnership being so new.

Besides these achievements, when talking to Hilary it became apparent she had also won in two other competition's that had flew under our radar.

She only went and won Gold in the Blackpool Skating festival skating in the Adult Bronze Free and

First in skatw London too. An awesome achievement by Hilary and we hope the rest of your skating season continues to be so fruitful.

We always aim to try and find out how our skaters are doing, but please do let us know so we can share you success as we may have missed out on hearing some of these fantastic stories.


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