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Information For Christmas Fun On Ice Session.

We hope everyone who is coming tomorrow is excited for the Christmas fun on ice session. For the evening there is no dress code, but if you want to get into the festive spirit please feel free to come along with your favourite Christmas jumper or Christmas clothing.

The Event will be split into two halves.

A dance social will take place from 2pm-3pm.

A variety of Pattern Dance music (festive and normal) will be playing. You can choose to dance solo, or partner up for a variety of dances. Don't know the dances? Come along anyway and learn some dances from those that know them. As mentioned above there is no dress code, but if you wish to wear that favourite Christmas jumper, dress or waist cost please feel free to do so.

Fun on Ice 3pm - 4pm

The fun on ice session we encourage everyone in the club to attend. There will be fun team activities on ice for all ages. We will even have some festive prizes on hand, but as they say, you have to be in it to win it. Everyone had great fun the last time we ran one of these events, you can see the photos on Facebook, or in our last social blog post.

Still want to come, no problem just let us know you are coming

Please register your interest below so we can cater for those attending.

There will be a small charge which will go towards the cost of the ice. We will collect this on the day. We are happy to accept cash or card payments.

£3 for one session or £5 for both


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