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International Success in Copenhagen

Once again we see the skaters of Widnes taking to the international stage

to compete against skaters from other countries in Europe. Coach Amanda Galloway flew out with four of her pupils late Friday evening to take on other competitors early Saturday morning. The competition provided some very closely fought scores and some very nail biting moments as pattern dance scores and free dance scores where combined. Here is a little bit of how all the skaters got on:


Saule competed in her first ever Junior Category competition. Saule who used to skate in the Advanced Novice took on the challenge and did this on the international stage for the first time. In order to qualify for this category, Saule had to pass her NISA tests. She has achieved Level 8 Pattern dance, Level 9 Field moves, and Level 10 Free dance. At the competition she came in 3rd on Short dance, then she came in 2nd on the Free dance, giving her an overall 2nd in the Junior Category. A terrific achievement for this very talented skater.


Isabelle has been working hard on her skating at Widnes and is constantly challenging herself to reach new levels. Isabelle made a move from Basic Novice to Juniors, missing out Advanced Novice. She danced beautifully to One Direction for the short dance and came 7th, in her Free dance she came 6th. Overall finishing in 7th place. This is a massive achievement for her at first her international competition and first time away from home. She actually had to get her passport for this competition. Am sure we will see Isabelle standing on the international podium in the not so far future.


Jodie who is a very talented figure skater, has only recently taken up the discipline of dance in the past few years. Jodie skated in the Novice Category, dancing the European Waltz pattern dance in the first leg of the competition in which she came 5th. Jodie knew she had to dig deep if she was to make the podium.

Jodies stormed the Free Dance coming 2nd and achieved the highest technical score in her group, just being pipped to first place by another skater on other points. When the scores were combined Jodie came 3rd overall. Jodie scored 36.44 in the Free Dance which was a massive PB for herself. She skated to Abba a mix of 'Thank You For The Music' and 'Does Your Mother Know That Your Out' which of course gave everyone the urge to dance and join in with her energetic performance.


Alex was flying the flag high for the adult skaters of Widnes in the Adults category in Copenhagen. Alex started skating later on in life compared to some of the skaters who have been skating since they were young. However, Alex doesn't let this stop her from achieving new heights of success. Alex skated in the Adult Class which is normally divided up into Bronze, Silver and Gold based on adults abilities. In Copenhagen this was not the case as all adults competed in the same category. Alex was second after the pattern dance needed a winning score from her free dance. Alex came out fighting and got a new PB in her free dance of 29.33 dancing to crawling by Linkin Park. Her combine totals gave Alex a winning total with an overall score of 42.71. Alex returned home as an international adult champion. This competition was a last minute decision for Alex as she wanted a break form competing in the 2017 season. Am sure this is not the last we have heard from Alex in 2017.

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