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In the words of mum BOOM!

At day two of the Blackpool Skating festival 2022 we have seen more success stories come rolling in. Skating in the Girls Level 2 age 13 and over was Faye. If you have ever met Faye training at Widnes Ice Rink you will see how hard she works and how committed she is too succeeding. When you take a step back you suddenly realise all the repetitive attempts at jumps, which can lead to falls and tears pays off. Getting all her elements called and skating beautifully she secured her second place on the Podium. Scoring 22.24 she was only 7.2 off the Gold and that 1st place podium spot, which really wasn't that far away when you take into account she had a point deduction for a music violation. Something I am sure we have or will experienced at some point in our skating journeys. However, making the podium is always an incredible achievement and a wonderful feeling, so we hope you and the family have all enjoyed celebrating your amazing success. Well done Faye, to you and your coach Michelle, we cant wait to see how the rest of your skating season unfolds.

For more updates about Day 2 of the skating festival click here.


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