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Return to Bled 2022

Post Covid the world has been a different place, with reduced skating, restrictions in venues and limited competitions, but as normality returns we are seeing an increase in skating competitions. A big event in the Adult skating calendar was Lake Bled in Slovenia, where we saw skaters from all over Europe came together to compete.

FINALLY 2022 has brought the return to this magnificent setting and popular Adult competition competition. Widnes once again fielded a strong contingent to represent Widnes Ice Rink and Widnes Ice Skating Club.

WISC skaters won 10 medals in total: 4 Gold, 5 Silver, 2 Bronze, as follows:

Lucy Wilson - 2 medals in the Gold Levels

Gold medal Solo Pattern Dance Silver medal Solo Free Dance

Ellie Huntington - 3 medals in the Gold, Silver and bronze levels

Silver medal Solo Free Dance - Silver medal Artistic Free Skating - Gold in level Bronze medal Women Free Skating

Hilary Greenhalgh - 4 individual medals Gold medal Solo Pattern Dance - Bronze level Gold medal - Solo Free Dance - Pre-bronze level Gold medal Artistic Free Skating - Bronze III level Silver medal Free Skating Bronze III level

And finally Hilary won a 5th Silver medal skating with Ian Champion in the Ice Dance Couples Pattern Dance - Pre-bronze level.

Joining the team out in lake bled was Ray Watson, our new social events organiser. It was his first time at the event and although Ray did not make the medals table he wanted to share what a great experience it was. He said, "Its a pleasure to be there with such wonderful group of friends from WISC, an absolute great bunch! I have only been skating for 3 years but it wasn't a bad effort for a 65 year old."


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